Realising the importance of choices

Mama D – “For me, my husband was key. Knowing that he was there and hearing his voice really encouraged me”

Sorry it’s taken me this long to write you but its been non-stop since our little girl was born. I wanted to drop you a few lines about my labour day – you said if we could you would be interested to read it. I hope my experience serves others – :).

My journey started when we decided to have a baby. As a person who likes to have everything in place prior making a new step, the idea of a baby was challenging. But equally, I wanted to be a mum so we went for it. On the day I found out, I was very excited and I remember going to the kitchen waving the pee stick to my husband saying to him: We are doing it! After that moment, I bought all what I found on fit pregnancy and mindfulness during pregnancy – I am a regular gym goer and tennis player and I didn’t want to give up these.

My first appointments with the midwife were very vague and we started to feel that we weren’t comfortable with our knowledge on birthing. Via my book of mindfulness I found out about hypnobirthing – and that’s how I met you :).
Hypnobirthing has helped us understand all the choices we had at the time of labour and after. Our relationship with our midwife changed completely once she saw we were the ones steering our pregnancy and not her. We were offered so much more support on all our choices. They were also giving us further information and appointments to clarify our birth plan and the choice of vitamin K

Now to the interesting bit – labour day.

Contractions started on the 26 March – my hubby’s birthday. They were the intensity of Braxton Hicks – but the feeling was different. I knew they were contractions. We were eating an Italian meal and I was telling him that they felt different. So, we finished the meal and we went home. We phoned the MLU (Midwife Led Unit) and they told me to monitor them and to take a warm bath. Contractions fade off after the bath… which today I think I probably stopped my labour with it.

On Thursday 29 March, in the morning the same feeling started. I phoned MLU around midday and they said to keep monitoring until they were regular. The intensity increased and by 3 pm my hubby had to start work. He asked me if I wanted him to stay and I said no…but I knew that wasn’t a good idea. Not sure how to explain it. I just knew it was the day.

My waters released at 15:30 – 16:00. (All this time I was simply breathing and walking and squatting – it helped me get the rhythm). Texted my hubby and he came home straight away. I phoned once again to the MLU saying my waters have released but the lady on the phone said I still could talk to her. Which by that point I asked her, when do you think I should phone again then? She said – you shouldn’t be able to talk to me while having a contraction. (For the readers: I was coping really well with the surges – but they couldn’t see that).

When my husband came home, he phoned the MLU, passed me the phone and I passed the phone back saying I couldn’t talk as I had to concentrate on my breathings. At that point, my husband said to the midwife, I am sorry but we are coming in. He was the one who made the decision as otherwise I most likely would have had our little one at home!
I can’t remember very well the journey from home to the hospital. But I remember my husband helping me with the breathings which was really comforting.
Once I arrived to the hospital, I wasn’t talking to anyone just breathing and walking through the suite. They did the first vaginal check straight away… I was 7 cm!!! They prepared the pool and 2 hours later our little girl was born.

It was a very physical experience. It was intense and I was very loud but the midwife coached me to use the energy to push, which did the trick. I was concentrating on what I was doing and really the sensations I had, despite being intense, I could manage them well. My husband poured water on my back which did help a lot. And I really admire the ladies who deliver babies without support. For me, my husband was key. Knowing that he was there and hearing his voice really encouraged me :).

Our little girl was born with me in a squat position – hugging my husband. The pool worked fine throughout the 2 hours but as I was getting tired they decided to make me squat. And it did the trick.

Pain relief – I had none. Our little girl was almost 10 lbs and I did have a tear. But I am fully recovered.

All the staff at Heath hospital was lovely. They respected our birthing plan and all what we wrote in it. We couldn’t be happier to be honest. Super positive experience and obviously we will repeat.

Big hug and many many thanks for all what you have done for us xxx .

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