Breathing practice goes a long way!

Mama L –  ‘The lights were low and we had LED candles, I even fell asleep at one point!’

This is just a quick email to let you know that our little girl was born on the 12th February, weighing 9lb 2oz (4.2kg) and measuring 55cm – tall like mum and dad! Below are some brief details about the birth – for which I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and advice.Our daughter was born in the water pool at St Thomas’ home from home centre following a hypnobirth lasting 13 hours. My first contraction started at 4.30am when my waters broke and occurred every 15 minutes. I decided to get up and move around, while leaving my husband asleep. I took a shower and ate a banana and moved around during the surges which were getting stronger.

By 6am I had to wake my husband, surges were coming every 4 minutes and were powerful. I bounced gently on the birthing ball and lent against the wall during each one while he rubbed my back. By 9.30 we were on our way to the hospital – on assessment I was 5cm dilated and moved into the home from home centre. Each new position I took would bring on a contraction and they were coming every 2 minutes. I practised the ‘up’ breathing to relax the uterus muscles, and visualised blowing bubbles, lifting the head up and opening the chest.

We played Katherine Graves piano music throughout which really helped to soothe as it was pre programmed from do many nights of listening to the CD. By 2pm I was in the pool – warm water was a wonderful feeling and helped to soften the lower back. The lights were low and we had LED candles, I even fell asleep at one point! No other pain relief was needed and our daughter was born at 18:30.

My advice to upcoming mums is practice breathing and a few simple visualisations and all will be fine. It’s also important though to think about the few days after birth and prepare for that positively too. I.e. How will breastfeeding be and positively visualise sufficient milk etc. The birth is over so quickly and then the real work begins!!”

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