Labour so quick, even the midwife didn’t believe mum was ready to push!

Mama H – “I can’t recommend pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing enough and I have your positivity to thank for helping me have such a positive birth experience”

Hi Claire, I loved hearing birth stories during our yoga sessions so here’s mine….

When I was 36 weeks pregnant there were discussions about possibly being induced early because my growth scan showed a small baby and low amniotic fluid. I’d also been advised to strongly consider having an Epidural during labour because I’d been having palpitations throughout my pregnancy and they thought this might cause problems during labour. As these things cropped up I remained positive and deep down I was determined to have as much of a natural labour as possible.

Later that week we were taken by surprise when my waters broke on our freshly laid living room floor. Rightly or wrongly I drank half a glass of my favourite wine and phoned the hospital. After having a shower I went in to be assessed and they said I could go home if I preferred because my contractions weren’t painful and they didn’t feel the need to check if I was dilating. I naively thought that I’d go home, read through my hypnobirthing affirmations, have dinner and get some rest before the hard work began, however our little girl had other ideas! I had my TENS machine on and started tracking my contractions that seemed to strengthen a lot faster than i’d anticipated then within a few hours we were on our way back to hospital.

Whilst I was waiting to be assessed my contractions suddenly got really strong and I very calmly but assertively told my partner he needed to get them to give me gas and air RIGHT NOW. Within minutes I felt the urge to push but the Midwife explained that it wasn’t time yet. In between 2 massive contractions I was assessed for the first time and the Midwife’s comment was “wow, 10cms. You’re fully dilated. It IS time to push but we need to get you upstairs”.

Going cold turkey from the gas and air whilst they wheeled me up to the Delivery Suite was something i’ll never forget. My breathing visualisation was a beautiful calm beach and my breaths were the waves gently rolling in and out. Somehow I still managed to focus on this during the times I was in lots of pain.

Our delivery Midwife Kate was outstanding and made me feel so calm and empowered. I felt like with her and my partner by my side, I could do anything. While I was pushing I visualised my baby sharing my breath and reminded myself that my heartbeat was keeping her calm. I also used hypnobirthing breathing techniques to make space for her to be born safely and within an hour she arrived.

It was 9 hours from my waters breaking and giving birth to our little girl who weighed 5lb 9oz and arrived 1 hour in to being 37 weeks pregnant. It was so fast that I didn’t even play my relaxing music or get the lavender oil out! I’m really grateful for having such a positive labour, for having the perfect birthing partner and that there weren’t any complications.

Thank you so much Claire, you’ve taught me so much throughout your classes. I can’t recommend pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing enough and I have your positivity to thank for helping me have such a positive birth experience. See you in January for mum and baby yoga!

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