Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme, designed to help women and their partners / birth partners to enjoy a more empowered, positive and calm experience of childbirth.  Using simple yet effective relaxation, breathing and self-hypnosis techniques we will help you to feel more in control and to release any anxiety or fears you may have about the birth of your baby.  



Hypnobirthing techniques are soundly based in establish anatomy, physiology and psychology and we will help you to understand how your body and mind works during labour and how the Hypnobirthing techniques actively help you to work in harmony with these systems.

We will also give you lots of practical information surrounding birth to help you and your partner / birth partner to be more informed about your birth choices. Our aim is to help you to build confidence around pregnancy and birth and remember that childbirth is something to be celebrated rather than feared.  Hypnobirthing helps you to prepare for a more natural experience of labour, but can also be used very successfully however your baby arrives.  Women who attend my courses give birth positively in many different ways using the hypnobirthing techniques and you can read their stories here. Their positive hypnobirthing birth stories cover every type of birth including, homebirth, natural birth, VBACs, epidurals, c-sections (elective and emergency) and even freebirths!

The birth of your baby can be a very positive and empowering experience – we cannot promise you the perfect birth, however we will give you the tools to work together to make a positive difference during your pregnancy, your labour and to your baby.

I am a fully qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner and hold a Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives)

Potential Benefits include:

For Mother:

Hypnobirthing is a positive way for mums-to-be to connect with baby and prepare for birth.  She will learn techniques to help her to relax and remain calm and confident before birth and during labour.  Specifically to birth, being calm helps encourage natural hormone production of oxytocin and endorphins which work together to create more effective surges (contractions) and provide the body’s natural pain relief.  A relaxed woman is more able to birth her baby gently, with less need for pain relief and less chance of medical intervention.  She is also more likely to go into labour naturally without the need for medical induction. On the course, she will also learn more about the process of labour itself so she can make informed choices along the way and be happy that those decisions are right for her and her baby, whatever they may be.

For Father / Birth Partner:

Hypnobirthing is totally inclusive of partners and helps them to be completely involved during pregnancy and the birth of their baby.  They will learn how to help their partner relax and enjoy a more calm experience of birth and appreciate how integral their positive support is for their partner during labour.  They will be well informed about the process of labour, helping to dispel any fears they may have for their partner or negative preconceived ideas surrounding birth.  This information will help them to play an active role in communicating with health professionals during labour and help their partner to make informed decisions along the way.  They will also learn relaxation techniques that they can use too in times of stress!

For Baby:

Baby will benefit from mum being more relaxed during her pregnancy as there is a hormonal transference between mum and baby during this time.  If mum is more relaxed, baby is likely to be more relaxed too and, as relaxation hormones are responsible for the efficient functioning of the body, this can have a beneficial effect on baby’s development and mum’s overall well being during pregnancy.  During labour, a relaxed / hypnobirthing mum is more likely to birth her baby naturally with less likelihood of medical intervention, meaning that there is less chance of complications for baby during and after labour.  Also, if baby’s birth is more calm and natural, they are more likely to be a chilled baby after birth.  Relaxed babies often feed more easily, are less likely to have digestive issues, and may be easier to sooth etc.  Plus relaxed baby = relaxed mummy!